Facial Treatment

Specifique Acne Facial

Facial treatment to clean the skin from blackheads and improve blood circulation, kill acne bacteria, nourish the skin so that the skin is brighter and glowing.

Specifique Glowing Facial

Facial using ingredients to brighten the skin, remove dead skin cells, make the skin glow, as well as nutrition and reduce skin pigmentation.


Eversilk is a procedure with 3in1 technology performed by combining exfoliation and then extracting and infusing the skin specifically to treat the desired condition. The use of tools is done with a vacuum system that is used to exfoliate the skin on dead cells. Eversilk aims to remove dead skin cells, nourish the skin, and stimulate the growth of new skin cells and can brighten facial skin.

Crystal Glow Facial

Facial treatment that uses 2 types of masks, the first one aims to smooth and resurface the skin brought on by the warm temperatures, after which another mask is used which aims to hydrate and care for it through the cold temperatures. The warming mask contains ingredients like unbuffered vitamin B3, retinol, citric acid, and glycolic acid. The cool mask contains the ingredients of Japanese green tea, grape seed, rosemary, licorice and aloe vera extract.


Cryo Facial combination of Cryolift and Glowing Facial that can reduce fine wrinkles on the face, improve skin elasticity, tighten facial muscles, shrink pores, remove blackheads, reduce inflammation, and make skin look brighter and glowing.