Laser Treatment

PicoSure Pro Laser


Picosure Pro is the best picosecond laser in the world and the world first 755 nm picoseconds, the delivery is so quick that spares the skin from high thermal damage while optimally targeting unwanted pigment, wrinkles, acne scars and pores with less downtime than any other pico laser. The only FDA Approve picosecond device to treat melasma, nevus ota and nevus of hori.


  • Improve overall skin tone and
    texture, lighter, brighter and more radiant complexion.
  • Remove unwanted pigment safely and effectively in all skin types.
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and pores with no

Laser Treatment

Treatment using a world-class laser machine which is categorized as Non Invasive Treatment. The laser uses a beam of light above the surface of the facial skin and functions to correct problems on the surface of the skin.

Evergenesis Laser

A customizable, multi-application laser + light based platform designed to treat the widest range of today’s most common non- surgical aesthetic concerns like veins, pigment, wrinkles, hair removal, and skin revitalization.

Everclear Laser

Treatment to remove pigment on the body and face, skin resurfacing, and reducing wrinkle, with PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse (PTP)® technology designed to improve results while still prioritizing patient comfort.

Porcelain Laser

A treatment that focuses on reducing inflamed pimples and inactivating acne-inducing bacteria by using waves that are shot into the skin to apply heat. Porcelain Laser also stimulates collagen and has a tightening effect on facial skin.